Landing Pages for Mobile Ad Campaigns

"You are running a powerful ad campaign targeted to the mobile phones. Don't drop the ball by sending the clicks to a regular web site that they cannot see properly from their small phone screens."

You, like many others, have already realised that running ad campaigns targeted to the mobile phones is a very lucrative idea. You can get clicks for much lower, compared to ads on the search engines for desktops and laptops. Now don't waste these clicks by sending the visitors to a regular web site.

What you need is a landing page that is specially designed for the smartphones. This page will deliver the key information (may be a bulleted list) critical to the sale and then prompt the visitor to take action - like placing the order or requesting a FREE quote.

As of now, very few people are doing so. Join them and make full use of your precious advertising funds.

Now tap the vast and ever-growing market of iPhone, Android and Blackberry users to generate new business leads.