Unlocking the mobile market for increasing sales

Did you know that there are almost 5 times more people with mobile phones than an Internet connection? The smartphones are revolutionising the market. There is a distinct trend of senior executives leaving their laptops behind and relying almost entirely on their iPhones and Blackberries when on tour. You need to reach them on their phones to sell to them. What are you doing about it?

We have realised that there is a huge potential in tapping the mobile market for improving the sales and this is picking up increasing momentum. However a large number of businesses are not prepared to take advantage of this new phenomenon.

May be you have a website but did you check out how does it look when accessed from a mobile phone? Is it clearly readable or everything is super compressed to fit the small screen? Will they take the trouble of trying to make sense of what you are selling or they will switch to the web site of someone whose site is clearly visible on their iPhones and Android based phones?

Make a smart move – look at unlocking this huge opportunity. We can help!