We have launched our mobile website development service for India.

mobile website developmentIndia is one of the largest markets in the world with a very strong mobile population. With the availability of cheap data plans, starting from about Rs 100 per month) and a large number of Android phones (starting from about Rs 5,000), the number of people searching for information and accessing Facebook, Twitter and other social applications has really grown. When they want to locate the nearest restaurant or find out if a particular joint serves a certain cuisine, they do not turn to yellow pages but open up Google and search on that.

Your outlet, whether a restaurant, bakery shop, coffee joint, spa, salon or movie theater, needs a mobile website so that these users can locate the address, call up to make appointments or simply look up whether you offer what they need or not. Don’t lose these potential customers –  if you are not to be found in these mobile searches, your competitor will suck them away with their mobile websites.

The development fee for your mobile websites start at a low Rs 10,000 and this is a small investment to tap a big market. It is not about whether you should get a mobile site done; it is about when you will get one. Check out the details.

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