Nasscom Emergeout on Mobile Internet

I was at the Nasscom Emergeout conference on 25th August and loved to see the fantastic momentum that is building for the mobile Internet. Almost everyone was of the opinion that people are gravitating towards the mobile as the access device of choice to locate information and do different things that they need to do for business or pleasure.
This is in tune with my expectations. As I say it: “The mobile phone is the accessory that you take to the bedroom as well as the boardroom.” It is only logical that we will like to access information with the mobiles so that we can adapt our working and get habituated in operating a single device all the time.
A few important issues that fuel the growth of mobiles are:
  1. It can handle our voice call (cheap local traffic directly and international through VOIP).
  2. It can handle our text communication (SMS and emails).
  3. It has an in-built camera (for most of the handsets, may vary in resolution and features).
  4. It has an in-built browser (the usage convenience is proportional to teh screen size and data speed though).
  5. A large number of apps allowing you to handle different tasks, are already available and more are launched everyday.
  6. There is more than 5 times penetration of the mobiles as compared to the computers. I think we can bypass the computers and stick to mobile phones for automation in the rural areas where the users need to be updated about education, healthcare, government facilities and like. They are free to use computers when doing complex computational jobs like designing or database work in the offices.
I just carried my mobile phone on this Delhi trip. Never missed my laptop there. And I could even demonstrate the portfolio of the webiles (mobile websites that we are developing) to some prospects and friends.
While on this topic, I am happy to announce a very special 50% discount on a mobile website (regular price £200 or Rs 14000) for the Emerge 50 winners and 25% discount to all attendees. Please email me to avail of this fantastic opportunity to unlock the vast market that is opening up, for generating new business leads.