Mobile Website for Businesses

Marketing budgets have been spent in many ways by business owners. Growth of Internet provided an alternate and interactive medium compared to the traditional media for advertising and promoting the business. A mobile website provides the highest ROI.

A visually appealing and informative website has always served businesses well and continues to do so. Increasing popularity of mobile / smartphones to access the Internet brings about a few key changes with respect to how businesses need to treat this medium of interactive marketing.

Desktop Websites: Objectives

Traditionally, websites have been designed with the objective of attracting the viewer to browse as much content of the website as possible with information presented in lucid form and further helped by aesthetics of the layout and colours.

With improvements in Internet website techniques and technologies, the visitor is now provided with active elements on the website with an objective to engage the visitor to interact, submit feedback, purchase, participate etc. through the website.

Desktop Website Design Parameters:

  • Visiting users to spend more time browsing your website.
  • Quality information and aesthetics for lasting impression and re-visits.
  • Increasing interactions for longer engagement, business transactions and re-visits.

Mobile Websites : Objectives

The users of mobile websites visit with specific objectives and precise information needs.

It is important for a business website to present the relevant information in a very concise form with the aim to serve the expected query in the minds of the visitor. When a person is using a mobile phone, it is expected that s/he may like to make an immediate voice call to a real person to discuss business.

The visible screen area on a mobile is much smaller as compared to a regular desktop computer. An attractive layout with colours and animations look clumsy and congested on a small screen. Small screen interface needs to be simple and easy to read on eyes.

Users visit the mobile websites from their mobile phones with an objective to seek quick information for a quick decision.

Mobile Website Design Parameters:

  • Users visit the website for a short time with specific objectives.
  • Concise information for quick consumption and easy recall.
  • Simple, clean layout for comfortable reading on small screen.
  • Mobile / Telephone numbers for quick contact with business.

Unlike an advertisement platform oriented traditional websites, mobile websites for businesses should be more like a business communication – short, to the point with an option or an offer to reply and discuss further.

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