Mobile Applications or Web Applications?

Are you planning to create a mobile application for selling on the App store or marketing your product? Have you considered creating a web application for mobile access? Here are the relevant facts that you help you plan which way to go:

Mobile applications can be listed on the app stores like Apple iTunes store and Android store and these can get several users to download the application from there. This number can increase to a huge number if your application is liked by people and gets positive reviews. However you need to create separate apps for Apple iPhone and Android based devices.

If you want to target HTC, Samsung, Nokia and LG phones running Symbian OS, you need yet another version. Getting the people to download and try your app is the biggest challenge after you have created it.

Web applications on the other hand can be created once and be run on all the different devices. There are directories available where these applications can be listed. Also you don’t have to bother much about distributing upgrades as you can simply upgrade the copy on the web and everyone gets to use the latest version, the next time they access it.

The problem with web applications is that these do not integrate so well with the native OS of the device and therefore it is difficult to access the GPS or other internal settings of the device.

So choose your medium wisely. If your application needs to interact with the device internals and be available even when Net access is not there, you should create a native app. If you are trying to provide a service that needs Internet access anyway and you want to appeal to a broader segment, a web application may be the way to go.