Marketing SaaS? Offer Mobile Access To Get Major Advantage

If you are offering Software As A Service, offering mobile access can help you open up a vast new market and get many new subscribers. Here’s how:

When you are marketing Software as a Service (SaaS), getting new subscribers and retaining the existing users for longer periods is a challenge. You can only recover your costs and make profit if you have a large subscriber base that sticks with you for several months, even years. You also need to regularly sign up new users as some of them are going to fall off anyway.

An interesting idea that you can explore is to offer access to your software from a mobile device. Since a large number of users have smartphones like iPhones, Blackberries and Android phones, and are constantly on the move, if they can access your software from their phones, their loyalty is going to increase manifold. They committed their important data to your service – now allow them access from anywhere so that they do not have to carry their heavy laptops or search around for cyber-cafes (the cyber-cafe access fees at almost all hotels is exorbitant to say the least).

Some software do things that are not conducive to access from the small screen phones. Don’t get disheartened. You can plan to at least show them a limited view of the data from their phone so that they can stay updated and tackle the critical part of their work at least.

Similarly allowing them to subscribe to alerts that are texted to them when important changes occur (called exception situations in corporatespeak) will again put them at a major advantage. If you take good care of your users, they take good care your business.

So plan and implement mobile access for some areas of your software, let them know and see your business grow. We can help – check our mobile application development services here.