10 Tips For A Mobile Website: Infographic

Infographics are the flavour of the season and a good infographic can convey your information in a rather cool way. Our last infographic was from Google and showed some important stats about the super fast growth of mobile users and usage. Don’t you want to get a  mobile website of your own, to address this fast growing reserve of smartphone users who will check out products and services from where they are? But where to begin?

The following infographic gives you the top 10 tips to make your mobile site friendly for the users. Easier to use site inspires users to stay longer and coverts better. You can make more sales and get more leads from your mobile website by implementing these simple to apply ideas.

Credits: Thanks www.infographicdesignteam.com for presenting the thoughts through a beautiful infographic.


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10 tips for a mobile friendly website – infographic courtesy www.webile.co.uk  (www.webile.co.uk should be linked to the website or this blog). Thanks!