Half of all local searches are from mobiles

Fact: Half of all local searches are conducted from a mobile phone. Are you ready to tap this market?

If you have a business like a retail shop, restaurant, service provider to a local area or florist that serves a small geographical market, people might be searching for your outlet, product or service from a mobile phone.

Will your web site appear in their search result? If it does, will it be easily readable when they click over or all the mumbo-jumbo on your regular website will show up in a teeny-weeny condensed format (unreadable).

The solution is quite simple. You should build a simple mobile website that will include the key information like:

  • What you do?
  • Any offers that are running.
  • Where are you located (map)?
  • A button to call you for making reservations and find out the price and availability.

This will ensure that your prospect can reach you easily and manage to give you his business.

Don’t lose your prospect to your competitor. Get your mobile website ready – now! If you already have a website, you should consider the 3s-services by Ebizindia to improve your Speed, Security and SEO.