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I have another mobile website case study for you today. This site belongs to Rancelab, a retail software vendor who markets retail POS software as well as a restaurant software.

This is a slightly more ambitionus site and delivers information about the different modules of the POS software like barcoding the inventory, financial sections, CRM and like. Similary it highlights the special features of its restaurant software that make the outlet owner provide better service to the customers with lower efforts.

POS hardware like barcode scanner, barcode printers, cash drawer, consumables etc are also featured on the site for direct purchase.

The usual ‘auto-detect device and redirect to the mobile version’ are implemented on the main site. We have also included the touch-to-call facility on every page. They got a new phone number for this site to be able to track the calls coming from the mobile website.

The site features a compact contact form as a lead generator and has contact information for those wanting to get in touch through other means. However it skips the download facility as they are not expecting people to download the software from their mobile phones.

All in all, a crisp mobile site, fast loading with heavy usage of text and sharp graphics.

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How does your website look on a mobile phone? Are you aware that a large number of people are now searching for information and visiting websites while they on move – accessing information from their mobile phones. If they reach your website and it is not readable because the site renders in tiny fonts or gets heavily misaligned due to the vastly different screen-size, you have lost them.

It is prudent that you check your website in the popular phones and their tiny screens. If you find it is not conveying your USP clearly, it may be time for you to invest in a mobile website, a special compact version that renders clearly on the mobile phone screens and delivers the key information. You may like to include lesser information and larger buttons that can be easy to operate from the typical touch screen phones.

You may also get a quote on your mobile site from us – we create websites at highly affordable rates and design mobile sites, landing pages and web applications for accessing through mobiles when you need your apps to have a mobile interface. We are offering a very attractive introductory offer right now – take advantage of it while it is valid.

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If you want to get a mobile payment gateway integrated in your mobile website, feel free to assign this to us. With our extensive experience of integrating payment gateways like Paypal, HSBC, CCavenue and Axis Bank (India), we have a good understanding of the various issues involved and have regularly interacted with the support teams at these places.

This effectively means that you can assign the task to us and rest assured that your work will be done without bothering you. After all, you have several functions like marketing to handle; who has the time to bother about techno-stuff like Payment gateways.

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