Task Management SoftwareEbizindia has launched a new software for task management and we have launched the mobile website for this. A1Tasks is a low cost but very powerful task management software and boasts of being the simplest software in the world. The low cost (currently $9.97 but will be increased to $17 soon) comes as a huge surprise because the full source code for the software is included in the package.

The software is sold through Clickbank and you can place your order right from your smartphone because Clickbank has a mobile optimized order and payment screen.


A prospect today connected with me and asked “Can you do mobile websites in languages other than English?”. The simple answer is “Yes“.

Since we may not understand and be comfortable with languages like Japanese, Spanish, French or Dutch, we will require a bit of help on the content side. However the universal concept of a nicely functional and great looking mobile website that renders well on an iPhone are the same and we can do a good job with your site.

Feel free to connect with us and get a quote for your site if you want to tap the fast-growing mobile users segment.

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If you want to get a mobile payment gateway integrated in your mobile website, feel free to assign this to us. With our extensive experience of integrating payment gateways like Paypal, HSBC, CCavenue and Axis Bank (India), we have a good understanding of the various issues involved and have regularly interacted with the support teams at these places.

This effectively means that you can assign the task to us and rest assured that your work will be done without bothering you. After all, you have several functions like marketing to handle; who has the time to bother about techno-stuff like Payment gateways.

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How does your website look on a mobile phone? Are you aware that a large number of people are now searching for information and visiting websites while they on move – accessing information from their mobile phones. If they reach your website and it is not readable because the site renders in tiny fonts or gets heavily misaligned due to the vastly different screen-size, you have lost them.

It is prudent that you check your website in the popular phones and their tiny screens. If you find it is not conveying your USP clearly, it may be time for you to invest in a mobile website, a special compact version that renders clearly on the mobile phone screens and delivers the key information. You may like to include lesser information and larger buttons that can be easy to operate from the typical touch screen phones.

You may also get a quote on your mobile site from us – we create websites at highly affordable rates and design mobile sites, landing pages and web applications for accessing through mobiles when you need your apps to have a mobile interface. We are offering a very attractive introductory offer right now – take advantage of it while it is valid.

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Realtors need to offer a matching property as per the client’s needs – quick and just when they are looking for it. A mobile website can be a great solution for this challenge. Here is how:

More and more people are now searching for information on the Internet as compared to the yellow pages and other sources. The Internet is going mobile and people are are now able to access the Internet from their mobile phones, even when they are out and about.

When they need to buy a property, they search for a good deal in their desired neighborhood. There may be many criteria like location, budget and facilities like number of rooms. They will like to be able to see basic information about a property they short-list. It should be possible to call the realtor for getting more detailed information and to fix up an appointment for inspection.

A mobile website can serve these functions very well. There are many ways these sites can get their listings.

1. They can pick up a MLS feed and populate their website from the feed.
2. The staff may like to enter the details of the properties they manage through a back-end system.
3. They may directly create static pages without bothering about the technicalities for a small number of properties.
4. There may be touch-to-call buttons which will help the clients call them easily.

Having a mobile friendly website in addition to the regular desktop website can really help real estate dealers address a much large market and clinch more deals in a highly competitive market.


Clinics need a website to inform the patients about the facilities offered in the clinic, doctors available, open timings and other related information. Say, you plan to visit a clinic to consult a specialist. Now there are a few questions in your mind:

  1. Who are the consultants available in this particular specialization?
  2. When are they available?
  3. How do I take an appointment? Call them or online?
  4. I want to call them. What are their contact numbers?
  5. I need driving directions. Help!
  6. Can I get parking at the site? Is valet parking available? Do I need to park somewhere nearby at a public parking lot?
  7. What results have the past clients achieved?

Unless the clinic website offers these information, the clients are going to have a tough time. They may even choose another clinic over yours if they get the questions answered nicely at their website. Thus it becomes quite critical for the clinics to have a good website.

These websites are going to be used by lay people to a great extent and therefore ease of use and conveninece of locating the required information is very vital. It would be great if there were a contact form using which people can get answers to their non-standard queries also. Another important addition will be a Frequently Asked Questions section that is regularly updated based on the questions the reception receives.

With a large number of people now accessing the Internet from their mobile phones, time has come when these clinics should also consider getting a mobile website developed to serve the clients better and to help the people visiting the website while they are on the move.


Are you wanting to add mobile website development to your marketing portfolio? We can help you provide these services on a back to back basis so that you can concentrate on your front-end marketing activities and we can develop the sites for your clients. Here are some useful facts for your consideration:

  1. We offer a standard package for mobile websites that is quite easy to market in view of the low cost. Since a growing number of people are searching for products and services on the Internet with their mobiles, business owners are increasing realizing the importance of having a mobile website. Just explain the deal to a service provider or a retailer, close the order and pass on to us. We will do the complete design, development and deployment on your behalf.
  2. If you don’t want to do so much work but have a high traffic website, you can just put up a banner or text link on your website and refer your visitors to our site. They can then place the order at our site and we do all the interaction. As soon as the development is signed off, we send your share of the payment to you by Paypal. No waiting for the month-end or quarter-end.
  3. We will also pass on a nice finder fee (averages to 25%, pretty nice for a service) if your referral needs a custom development job.

The affiliate program is by invitation only, so please contact us and give a short note about your target market and marketing plan. We can get started asap.

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Webile is a website that is specially formatted for mobile access. It is pretty common knowledge now that the Internet is going mobile. More and more peole are buying smartphones – in fact, the simplest of the mobiles have some kind of browsing support built in.

These phones give the power to the users to access information on the go. Now they don’t have to look for the nearest desktop or locate a cyber-cafe when they need to search for information. They can locate the desired product and service sellers from a Google search on their phones.

Where does this leave you, a website owner and marketer who is trying to get hot leads and sales? Your regular website will not be clearly visible on his tiny screen – even a large 3.5″ iPhone screen is tiny compared to the 15″ and bigger desktop screens – and he will bail out quicker than he got in.

You need a specially formatted site that displays compact information about your products, services and offers to the mobile user and gets him to call you or submit a quote request. He or she should be able to do this easily and quickly – mobile users are an impatient lot. You need a webile.

And you can order your webile here. Do it before you get distracted and lose this opportunity to tap into this vast market.

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I was at the Nasscom Emergeout conference on 25th August and loved to see the fantastic momentum that is building for the mobile Internet. Almost everyone was of the opinion that people are gravitating towards the mobile as the access device of choice to locate information and do different things that they need to do for business or pleasure.
This is in tune with my expectations. As I say it: “The mobile phone is the accessory that you take to the bedroom as well as the boardroom.” It is only logical that we will like to access information with the mobiles so that we can adapt our working and get habituated in operating a single device all the time.
A few important issues that fuel the growth of mobiles are:
  1. It can handle our voice call (cheap local traffic directly and international through VOIP).
  2. It can handle our text communication (SMS and emails).
  3. It has an in-built camera (for most of the handsets, may vary in resolution and features).
  4. It has an in-built browser (the usage convenience is proportional to teh screen size and data speed though).
  5. A large number of apps allowing you to handle different tasks, are already available and more are launched everyday.
  6. There is more than 5 times penetration of the mobiles as compared to the computers. I think we can bypass the computers and stick to mobile phones for automation in the rural areas where the users need to be updated about education, healthcare, government facilities and like. They are free to use computers when doing complex computational jobs like designing or database work in the offices.
I just carried my mobile phone on this Delhi trip. Never missed my laptop there. And I could even demonstrate the portfolio of the webiles (mobile websites that we are developing) to some prospects and friends.
While on this topic, I am happy to announce a very special 50% discount on a mobile website (regular price £200 or Rs 14000) for the Emerge 50 winners and 25% discount to all attendees. Please email me to avail of this fantastic opportunity to unlock the vast market that is opening up, for generating new business leads.

While there are several nice-looking themes available for the desktop browsers, you have to consider how your blog looks when the visitor is using a mobile phone to check it out. As you know, a large number of people are now surfing the Internet with a smartphone and you definitely want these people to be able to consume the thoughtful blog posts. Don’t you?

Now you have an easy way out.  Just install the wptouch plugin to your blog and relax. This will add a new theme to your blog, making it look like and work like an iPhone application. This enables  the iPhone, Blackberry, Android and other mobile phones users to view your blog posts easily, while on the go.

We install and activate the wptouch plugin to WordPress blogs for a nominal $25 per blog. Just write to info @ and we will get this done within 1 business day.

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